The Goal

Provide an ideal atmosphere for your customers to enjoy your premium smokes.

Removing excess smoke and odor will increase your business! Whether you are starting a new cigar lounge or you realize that you need to upgrade your Air Filtration, Clean Air Super Store has your solution.

How Does It Work

Air Cleaners are rated at Cubic Feet Per Minute, (CFM) The size of your lounge is the determining factor. Here is your formula for determining air changes per minute. Length x Width x Height x Number of air changes, divided by 60 minutes. That formula will give you the CFM required for your Lounge. 10 air changes an hour is the norm. Every six minutes all the air in the room will be cleaned or scrubbed. In situations where the ceiling is low or the number of smokers is high, you will want to go to more air changes per hour requiring more CFM from your air cleaners. The Honeywell F111 is rated at 1250 CFM. The formula will tell you how many CFM you need. Divide that number by the air cleaner CFM and you will get the number of air cleaners you need to give you your optimum results. We will be happy to help you decide.

If you have an open ceiling you can mount your air cleaner wherever you want it. Preferably over the highest number of smokers. The goal is to suck up the smoke and clean it before it has a chance to get in your return air. Our Honeywell Air cleaners are designed for insertion into a lift out ceiling, 2 x 4 square, or hung free in an open ceiling. Any local electrician or handyman can install the machines in your facility.

Your lounge measurements and required changes of air (how much smoke you get) will determine which air cleaner and how many units you will need. 90% of the time you will have a regular amount of smokers. Your air cleaners will run on low or minimum speed at those times. If you host in a high number of events, you may want to have more air changes per hour, meaning more air cleaners. We can discuss that factor. So your budget will need to cover 90% of the time and that will be optimal

Changing your air filters at the optimal time is key in keeping your customers happy. Six months maintenance is the average. We stock your filters and can usually ship them to you within a week or two. Your daily number of smokers will determine how long your filters will last. Our air cleaners are easy to maintain and we strive to give you the lowest possible filter cost.

The Solution

Clean the air in your cigar lounge  40% better than competition!

Why? Our line of air cleaners are rated at 95 to 99.99% efficiency at removing excess smoke. We can help you choose the right Air Cleaner for your lounge

Trusted by Cigar Lounges across the nation for 25 years

Featured Filters

We offer filter replacements for all of our machines. Save 10% and sign up for automatic replacement filters.

HEPA Style Filter for Honeywell F111 Commercial Air

Cleaner 95% Ashrae 22 1/8” X 22 1/8” X 3 1/2”

$ 150.00 View Product

Charcoal Module For Honeywell F111 Commercial Air

Cleaner (2 Required) 43 pounds total

$ 605.00 View Product


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Larry Buhman of The Smoke Ring, Webster, Texas

We love it. I was an incredible improvement over our Electrostatic Air Cleaner. Customers love it.

Greg O’Donnell, Smoker Friendly, Director of Operations, Headquarters, Denver, CO

We love the F111 Air Cleaner and have it in multiple locations across the Country.

Michael Rocha of Habana House Cigars, Austin, Texas

Great unit, I’m going to install a few more in my other locations.

Jorge Ahued of Stogies World Class Cigars, Houston, Texas.

Great unit, I’m going to install a few more in my other locations.

“Shorty” of Havana Connections, Richmond VA

Best Air Cleaner we have found.

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