Charcoal Module For Honeywell F111
Commercial Air

Cleaner (2 Required) 43 pounds total


Charcoal Removes Odor to Build Customer Base.

Most Air Cleaners will remove tobacco smoke to some degree, but not odorous gases. These gases cause eye burn and excess odor. These gas-phase compounds from tobacco smoke are readily adsorbed by activated charcoal.

The Charcoal module is now $302.00 each ( two are required) totaling $605.00 plus shipping

The F111 has a 99% customer success rate. And now it’s even better!

The series III F111 has a 4” HEPA main filter for smoke capture and two charcoal modules totaling 43 lbs., for odor (gases), adsorption. The charcoal mix” is (50%) activated charcoal (by weight) and (50%) alumina potassium permanganate. There is only a slight amount of zeolite for coating. It’s almost 20% more effective at capturing tobacco gases than the old CPZ Mix. The activated charcoal is pelletized for better air flow and it’s adsorbent properties far exceed the competition‘s powdered charcoal. Additionally, most of our competitors offer 1000 CFM air cleaners with less than 1 lb. of activated charcoal. Honeywell media air cleaners offer 43 lbs. of sorbent media per 1000 CFM.

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