It all started in 1996 when I saw an ad in the classifieds for a Houston Branch Manager of United Air Specialists. They were based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and specialized in Commercial Air Filtration. In brief, I got the job, and managed the company for three years. The company had branches in most states and Houston was at the bottom in production. In three years we went from last place to the number one branch in the nation. We did it with hard work and great service.

Honeywell Inc. was my biggest competitor. Honeywell had the best air cleaners,
but no sales. Seeing this as an opportunity, I became a dealer and created Clean
Air Super Store.

Clean Air Super Store is based in Sugar Land, TX, 17 minutes from downtown Houston. We are a sales and service company for the Houston Gulf Coast. We service air cleaners for bars, restaurants, and cigar lounges. I enjoyed helping cigar lounges with their smoke Issues so much that I started a national sales branch. It is thrilling to sell a Honeywell Clean Air System and hear the compliments after the system is installed—see Testimonials from my customers and their customers!

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