Honeywell F111 Explained

Details on the F111

This is a general info article to answer many of the common questions asked about the Honeywell Model F111. Honeywell manufactures other models of air cleaners, but the F111 is absolutely the best application for a cigar lounge.

Ceiling Mounted

The F111 is designed to be ceiling mounted, or “free hung,” 9-12 feet off the floor and over the smokers if possible. It works like a vacuum cleaner: the closer one gets to the source of the smoke the better it works. I recommend the black colored door. It blends in better unless you have white ceilings. If you can’t locate it over the specific smoking area, that’s not a problem—it’s more important to size the CFM correctly. You want to have 10 air changes per hour and some fresh air mix. (Example: 800 to 1000 sq. feet at 10 foot ceiling.) If you have a suspended ceiling, the F111 fits into a 2’ x 4’ tile space
and you need at least 18” of plenum space. Most of the F111 is above the ceiling tiles. All you see is the door, which is 4” thick.

How it Works

The air flow is called “Coanda.” The F111 “Draws” the dirty air up through the vents on the face of the door. It filters through the $9.00 Pre-filter first, removing the big dust particles. This filtered air continues through the 4″ HEPA filter, specifically, a 22″ x 22″ x 4″ 95% Ashrae filter. The F111 filters the smoke particles out of the air stream, leaving the odorous gasses. The gasses are then directed to the two charcoal chambers on each end of the F111. The gasses are adsorbed in the twin V-bank charcoal filters. This mixture will hold 25% of its weight in odor, and there are approximately 43 lbs. of charcoal in each F111 cabinet. The clean air is expelled through the vents on each end of the door.


My best price is $2995.00. (Installation price per job.) After the F111 is installed, you will have approximately 6-8 months of service operation from your Ashrae filter in most cases. Throw it away and replace it for $145.00 plus freight. Replace the two charcoal modules in 8-12 months for $536.00. “It ain’t cheap but it works!” A commitment to clean air is vital for cigar lounges, so the cost of replacing your main filters equates to keeping your customers happy, which in turn allows you to sell more cigars!

Almost No Maintenance

Good news! NO MORE CELLS TO WASH! Just replace the $5.00 Pre-filter once a month, and in 8-10 months replace the HEPA Main filter. Then in 10-12 months, replace the two CPZ Modules. Easy installation!

What Makes the F111 the Best?

ENGINEERING! I’ve been selling and installing air cleaners for 15 years. I have never found a better product. I ALWAYS get positive compliments from my clients. Without writing a long dissertation on the specific engineering of the quiet motor (6.5 amps.), the sound attenuation, the air flow, and the door design, suffice to say, you won’t find a better product.

How to Size the F111 to Your Lounge

Success is in the numbers. If you follow this formula, and install the F111 correctly you won’t go wrong. Multiply: Length x Width x Height x 10 Air Changes (Exclude the humidor/rest room.) Divide by: 60 Minutes = Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) The number you get is the total amount of air one needs to clean to have clean air every 6 minutes. The F111 produces 1000 CFM on medium speed and 1250 CFM on the highest speed. I recommend that you divide the total CFM by 1000 CFM, which will produce the number of how many F111s you need to attain 10 Air Cleanings per hour. If you have a high volume of smokers in your lounge at one time, you need to increase the air changes to 14 air changes and size the F111 accordingly. Example: If your total CFM required is 1500 – 1700 CFM you will want to get two F111s. If your budget won’t cover purchasing two F111s, one F111 will still improve air quality until a second can be purchased.

Preventing Dirty Filters

This is what a dirty and “stinky” filter looks like after six months of use. The customer failed to change the Pre-filter and the HEPA filter, which was loaded with dust, tar, and nicotine. The filter is warped because the F111 fan motor is powerful and almost sucked the filter into the fan blades. This is an extreme situation. This can be prevented if the customer changes the Pre-filter once a month, which will allow the HEPA filter to work efficiently for 6-8 months. If there is only light smoke, the HEPA could last for a year. The point is to change your pre-filter monthly without fail.

Bottom Line

Making a commitment to clean air is the best way to keep your customers at ease—they will love the comfort you have provided them to enjoy fine tobacco. You will sell more cigars. When I say “commitment,” I mean that you have to be diligent in changing your filters on time. Also, you will need some additional fresh air mix, as one can’t keep cleaning the same air over and over. Tell your A/C man you want 15% mix of fresh air. I know it’s a big investment. But in 15 years of cleaning the air, I haven’t seen a better air cleaner for cigar lounges. I have sold hundreds of F111s, and each time I get the best feeling when I hear how pleased the client is.

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