Mistakes to Avoid Inside a Cigar Lounge


Four Mistakes to Avoid Inside the Cigar Lounge.

TV Mounted Too High

The TV screens are mounted too high. Guests will get a neck ache after 15 minutes of viewing. If one cannot get the screen close to eye level, tilting the screen to the viewer’s eye will help.Other TV placement issues must account for glare and back light.Avoid placing your TV in front of a window, or opposite a west-facing window. Glare or the difference in light from the windows and your screen can cause eye strain. Curtains or drapes are good light blockers.


Poor Seating Arrangement

Cluster seating is preferable as long as it is not crowed.A low coffee table makes it hard to lean forward to reach the ash tray or a beverage. Several cluster areas are good if one has the space. Some guest want privacy. The individual chair/end table/ lamp is inviting to the loner guest. A large rectangle table can be utilized for guests who use electronic devices or for small gatherings.Read more at Harvard Business Review, “Who Moved My Cube”, by Anne-Laure Fayard and John Weeks.


Music or TVs too loud!

Loud music drowns out conversation and concentration.”If I can’t hear my friends speak, I’ll avoid going back.” Hardwood floors and low ceilings in a Cigar Lounge amplify sound. Acoustic panels, drapes and floor coverings will help. Choosing the right background music is important. The music of Brazil goes well with fine tobacco.


A Smokey Lounge Will Lose Profit.

A tastful décor, comfortable chairs, wide screen TV, and a premimum cigar cannot compete with a smoky Lounge. The #1 reason customers leave a smoky lounge is eye burn and excess smoke and odor. Studies show that 15 to 20% of a tobacco store’s profit come from the cigar lounge. Installing a quality air filtration system is a wise investment. Customers stay longer buy more cigars and tell their friends.