The Electrostatic Air Cleaners operate on the principle of “charging” particulates as they pass through an electronically charged field. The process is called “Ionization”. The ionizer normally is an arrangement of fine wires that carries an ionizing voltage ranging from 8,000 to 15,000 volts. Downstream from the ionizer, a collection cell is made up of an arrangement of thin metal plates, spaced about 3/16” apart and separated by insulating discs. The cell carries the opposite electrical charge to attract the ionized particulates. The particles adhere to the collection cell plates in a manner similar to the way metal filings adhere to a magnet.
The size of the ionizer and collection cell and the applied voltage, in relation to the air velocity passing through the system, determines the collection efficiency and the dirt load capacity of the electronic air cleaner. Due to the efficiency of the electronic air cleaners, the collecting plates collect relatively large volumes of particulates quickly. As the plates load, their efficiency will decline. Therefore, to retain adequate filtration efficiency, the electronic air filter cells must be cleaned frequently. A Cigar Lounge with high attendance will require the cells to be cleaned weekly or every other week to maintain high efficiency.
The electronic air cleaners are less costly; but one must be committed to the high maintenance.
Honeywell’s top of the line of electronic air cleaner retail for $1895.00 for flush or surface ceiling mount.
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