Cigar Lounges Increase Sales with Clean Air

Removing excess smoke and odor keeps customers happy and helps you to sell more cigars. Cigars taste better in clean air and increased sales prove it. Make your lounge comfortable and build your customer base.

Cigar Lounges are discovering that there really is an air cleaner that works!

If you are sick of electrostatic air cleaners that need cleaning every two weeks, small portables, and exhaust systems that waste your conditioned air, try a real commercial air cleaner. The F111 has a 99% customer success rate. And now it’s even better! The series III F111 has a 4” HEPA main filter for smoke capture and two charcoal modules totaling 43 lbs for odor (gases) adsorption. The original charcoal mix was comprised of 60% activated charcoal, 20% alumina potassium permanganate, and 20% zeolite. Now Honeywell’s research has found a new mix that works better. The new mix is 50% activated charcoal (by weight) and 50% alumina potassium permanganate. There is only a slight amount of zeolite for coating. It’s almost 20% more effective at capturing tobacco gases than the old CPZ Mix.

Honeywell Outperforms

Honeywell’s activated charcoal is now made in pellets. Its adsorbent properties far exceed the competition’s powdered charcoal. The pelletized charcoal is more porous and can hold and attract more odor and gases. Additionally, most of our competitors offer air cleaners with less than 1 lb. of activated charcoal. Honeywell media air cleaners offer 43 lbs. of sorbent media per 1250 CFM.

Special Pricing of the Series III F111

$2495.00 in United States. Includes filters, speed switch, and (1) year free prefilters.
HEPA Filter for F111: $125.00 plus freight.
New Charcoal Module: $222.50 ea. two required. $445.00 plus freight.
Cardboard framed 22” X 22” prefilters $60.00 per box of twelve, plus freight.
Give your customers comfort and they will increase your bottom line.

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